“My mission is to……..share the benefits of yoga with others and be part of a growing and supportive community that is inclusive and caring. By teaching with creativity and humor I want to connect with and inspire others to practice and develop the skills to embrace the highs and lows of life”.


We believe that practicing yoga regularly greatly enhances a person’s physical, mental and spiritual health. This produces a powerful ripple effect, which radiates through the surrounding family, community, and workforce in ways that positively influence everyone. *Art of learning Institute* is a place where people come together and we support in their goals toward a healthier lifestyle.


We value the practice of yoga for the social, emotional, physical, intellectual and community health and well-being it supports. We value individuality, flexibility, commitment and dedication in how we work as a institute.

Art of Learning - The Skill Develpment Institute

Be an Indian Govt. certified Masters in:
* Yoga Teacher Training

* Kid’s Yoga TTC

* Adult’s Yoga TTC

* Corporate Yoga TTC

* Diploma in Choreography

* Certification in reiki

* Power Yoga TTC

About the Director

She started her career as Yoga Teacher 10 years ago, when she was challenged by her friend that she cannot be healthy and cannot inspire others in life and rest is history

Yoga Guru Also Expert in Corporate yoga, Kids yoga, Adults yoga, Zumba instructor, Airobics trainer, Reiki master, Reiki healer, Fittness consultant, National yoga competition judge, State level n national level yoga competitions organizer

Yoga Guru - Reena Agarwal

Director of Art of learning Institute

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